Vehicle Wraps for Suwanee, GA, Gwinnett County, GA, Buford, Sugar Hill, GA & surrounding areas.


How many different places do YOU drive in a week? What about your company vehicle? If you’re like most businesses, you or your employees are on the road, traveling from here to there every day. So why not take all that time on the road and turn it into a marketing opportunity?

Perfect for EVERY demographic

Vehicle Wraps from North Georgia Graphics are like a billboard on steroids! You reach a wider audience and a greater number of people for a fraction of the cost of a long-term billboard campaign. Unlike radio or TV, you don’t have to worry about demographics, Neilson ratings or inflated prime-time advertising costs. Your vehicle wrap reaches a wider, more diverse audience. Sports fans, collectors, students, millennials, baby boomers, gen-exer’s: everyone who drives, everyone who’s a passenger in a vehicle sees your marketing message.

Even Uncle Sam likes Vehicle Wraps

It’s true! Your vehicle wrap likely qualifies as a tax-deductible business advertising expense. The clear and obvious marketing message designed and built into your wrap is an unmistakable advertisement that promotes your business. Therefore, it can generally be claimed as a business tax deduction. Talk to your tax advisor to learn more.

vehicle-wrapsQuality materials are only the beginning…

Experience really is the best teacher…and the pros at North Georgia Graphics have YEARS of experience in vehicle wraps. These carefully crafted commercial creations are made from the industries finest wrap films and over-laminates to ensure the highest quality graphics and incredible durability. Even more important is the experience our professional techs have in the proper application of our wraps. Each wrap is applied using time-tested processes so the finished product is always meticulous in presentation and fit. When it’s time to take your marketing on the road, turn to the pros at North Georgia Graphics!

Big or small, we do it all

Maybe you want to make a simple, reserved statement. We can oblige with vehicle graphics, such as placing your company’s logo on the driver and passenger doors. Perhaps you want to recreate a lush forest over your entire vehicle with your business name, number and logo prominently displayed. North Georgia Graphics can give you as much or as little coverage as you want. Choose a simple vehicle graphic, a partial wrap or a full vehicle wrap. We can even create a magnet sign for part-time use. Whatever you choose, we’ll show you the most cost-efficient way to grab attention and make your message memorable.

Wraps that float your boat

You wouldn’t believe the popularity of our speedboat wraps! Seen on TV, our speedboat wraps are a major way to reach a very discerning client base. This is a demographic that generally has plenty of disposable income. Don’t miss an opportunity to share your products and/or services. Of course, we’re happy to design or supply special graphic designs, as well as use your designs to create amazing wraps for your boat.

When is a window more than a window?

Did you know our wraps are perfect for storefront glass? That’s right! Forget about tacky placards or expensive glass etching. You can add a beautiful mural, highlight a particular product or service and share whatever corporate message you wish with each and every customer that walks in…and every potential customer that walks by. North Georgia Graphics has used our wraps to create stunning murals, logo presentations and corporate messaging for a variety of interior wall placements. Our wraps are the beautiful, durable and affordable way to make a strong impression.

Complete wraps or partial wraps.

  • If a complete wrap is not in your budget, we can design a partial wrap for a value driven option.
  • Time element: Generally runs 2 weeks. From approval runs 3 – 5 business days. We work with you to get the job done as quickly as possible.
  • We design, supply graphics or use the client’s, and can wrap all types of vehicles including boats. Our speedboat wrap has been on TV

Put your message EVERYWHERE with North Georgia Graphics. Contact Us today!